About us


We are social entrepreneurs, our main motive for creating this platform is to offer value to society and bring a social change.

Our aim is to disrupt the traditional way of doing things and give an opportunity to organizations and individuals with a social cause and innovative ideas to promote their work to the public and raise funds. By creating this platform we offer publicity and financial benefits to our followers, create awareness for their cause and help make our world a better place to live.

The website

We Hug A Cause is a Crowdfunding platform in Cyprus for anyone with a cause. We support individuals with innovative ideas, start-ups, artists, entrepreneurs, organizations, bi-communal projects and people who have a cause in life to help others or Charities and NGO’s that want to fund their cause. Our aim is to unite them all in one place, while offering them the tools to promote their cause and raise funds. We Hug A Cause received the 1st Prize in Entrepreneurship Awards of Youth Power 2013 funded by UNDP Cyprus and the 3rd Prize in Digital Championship Cyprus Competition 2013-14 funded by Ministry of Commerce and European Commission in Cyprus. Supporters are Synthesis Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Power and Anti-Cancer Society.

Why use Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding enables you to communicate directly with your target market and to create a community in the process. For your product or service, Crowdfunding can be used for proof of concept, early idea validation or for customer pre-orders.

Why should I choose We Hug A Cause over other platforms?

We Hug A Cause has been designed with campaigners in mind:

  • It’s quick and easy for anyone, wherever you are in the world to set up.
  • We offer more options such as; deciding between All or Nothing Campaigns and Flexible campaigns. Most platforms only offer All or Nothing campaigns.
  • We offer professional support and advice to help strengthen your campaigns.
  • We don’t take a big cut from the money you raise. Our fees are the lowest in the market!
  • We also don’t charge registered NGO’s & Charities to use the platform.

We Hug A Cause is more than just a platform though. We see ourselves as a social business designed to help (or ‘hug’ ) strong causes that can make this world a better place.

 For project creators: 

– We charge the lowest fee (3.5%) in the market, on money raised.
– If you are a registered NGO or Charity we take no fees except the card processing fees! Probably the only platform in the world!
– We promote causes which have good intentions and causes that may change the world one day.
–  And most important You want to be part of our community!

 Who can use wehug.org?

Anyone in the world with a valid bank account, Pay Pal account and an email can use wehug.org.