How to start a campaign for NGO’s



How to start a campaign for NGO’s and Charities

1. Decide on your objective:


We want to raise 5000 euros in two months to buy 5 new beds for cancer patients. This means we will be able to accommodate and help 5 more people in need!

2. Make your target calculations.

Be realistic. The first people who will give money to your cause will be your followers, friends, community and close circle. Then it depends on your promotional efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Email), your video and marketing to mobilize more people to help.

Set your target having in mind several factors:

– No. of supporters you currently have.
– The average number of people you can reach.
– The response rate is usually 2%.
– The average donations.
– The peer effect.

3. Set giving levels – Tell huggers what their money will do

€50 gives clothes to 5 poor children
€100 gives medicines to 5 cancer patients for a month.
€700 helps pay a salary for a month

4. Create your story, create the video, pictures and text

Ingredients for success: Have passion, put emotion and believe in your cause in order to make others to believe in you.

Describe to people who you are, why you need the money, what will you do with the money, when will you use the money and why they should hug your cause.

Tip: Campaigns with a video are as twice as likely to succeed.

5. Post your video on the site and share it on the internet, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and email.

Social Media: Post updates each week together with the link to your video:


Hug my cause! Join me in giving hope to 20 poor children! We need 2000 euros at the end of this month!

Post to your fan page daily with updates.

Share it among your friends, followers, fans, community and ask them to help you.

Email: Send the link of your wehug profile by email to your contacts, make the email personal and send personal updates each week.

Promote it as much as you can! The key to success is to make your video go viral!

Tip: Don’t spam because it will have a negative effect.

6. Recruit others to help you

Ask followers, people who are willing to help to create fan pages for your cause, promote it as much as you can.

Contact media and ask them to publish it or show it on their website, TV channel, radio.

7. Embed the link on your website

Make it visible in order to recruit more people!

8. When the campaign is over, celebrate if you reached your goal!

Thank all the people that helped you!

9. Post updates on the website and Facebook!

Inform your huggers of what have you done with the money, show video and pictures. Prove your trustworthiness! You may need their help again!

Remember: Your acts will prove your trustworthiness. If you don’t use the money the way you claim you will use the money your reputation will be negatively affected in front of thousands of people over the internet. Read our project guidelines.